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Leigh & Michael Designs is a small business focused on designing and crafting hand-made children’s clothing and accessories. The company was established by a husband and wife team (Abigail Leigh and Christopher Michael) that have always had a creative spark and an entrepreneurial spirit. Abigail’s stitching prowess was cultivated years ago when her mom introduced her to the sewing machine. From a young age, Abigail has always made unique gifts for family and friends—from homemade necklaces to hand-sewn clothing and accessories to framed original pieces of art—and with Christopher’s encouragement, assistance, and support, Abigail turned her hobby into a business. In addition to the main duo of Leigh & Michael Designs, Abigail and Christopher have a network of family and friends that help keep things going, including an executive/marketing writer, Shauna; a graphic designer, Paola; an inventory/business manager, Courtney; and a crocheting whiz, Grandma Arletta.

To create the one-of-a-kind merchandise offered by Leigh & Michael Designs, Abigail and Christopher use a variety of different materials, fabrics, and techniques, including high-quality 100% cotton jersey blanks, high-quality tulle, premium diapers, upcycled/repurposed/eco-friendly fabrics, non-toxic fabric paint, and appliques. The 100% cotton jersey blanks are used as a base for most clothing designs, including long- and short-sleeve t-shirts and onesies, bloomers, and dresses. Abigail and Christopher’s most common technique for adding designs and “flair” to their clothing is using appliques, where hand-sketched ideas are made into stencils, transferred to fabric, sewn to the front and/or back of the cotton jersey, and finished using non-toxic fabric paint to accent fine details. Abigail and Christopher make multiples of some items, while others are individual/original pieces of art that are created on request.

Finding inspiration in everyday things, Abigail and Christopher sketch ideas/designs and draw inspiration from available fabrics and resources. They think of creative ways to incorporate holidays, seasons, events, and adult fashion into pieces that will look great on a baby or toddler. Abigail and Christopher have a son, and Courtney has a daughter nine days younger—so, there is always an available model to test and show off new creative designs! Constantly looking for fabrics and materials that will be a great balance between cute and sophisticated, some of the items that Abigail and Christopher produce include adorable tutus for various occasions; holiday, seasonal, and traditional t-shirt and onesie designs; premium diaper cakes (made to look like gourmet wedding cakes) that are perfect gifts for showers or birthday parties; and other baby accessories including embellished burp cloths, sippy cups, pacifier clips, mitten clips, and crocheted hats. Additional items beings added to the product line often.

Shipping details

All items will be shipped Standard: USPS First Class Mail (2-3 Day Delivery). Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. Please convo me if this is needed, increased cost will be passed along.

Turn around time. The average timeline for a custom order is 3-7 day to arrive. In general it takes about 2-3 days to complete an item. And then standard shipping via USPS takes 2 to 3 days to arrive. An e-mail with tracking number will be sent upon completion of the project with the ship date.

***$1.00 Standard SHIPPING on ALL INFANT & TODDLER CLOTHING**** Applies to clothing only. Shipping pricing is per each piece. Standard shipping is defined as USPS (United States Postal Service First Class Mail), in the continental USA. International rates differ.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

We hope that you love your purchase. If not please contact us and we will do everything we can to make it right.

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Q: What is your turn around?
A: Turn around time. The average timeline for a custom order is 3-7 day to arrive. In general it takes about two days to complete an item. Standard shipping via USPS takes 2 to 3 days to arrive. An e-mail with tracking number will be sent upon completion of the project with the ship date.

Q: Who are Leigh & Michael?
A: Leigh & Michael are mine and my husband's middle names. We were looking for a creative name for our shop that was subtle and reflective of us.

Q: Can I customize a diaper cake?
A: Yes, all cakes are handmade and unique. You can contact us and describe what you are looking for and in what price range and we can create a beautiful gift accordingly. We will also gladly work from photographs, or drawings.

Q: When is a good occasion to give a diaper cake as a gift?
A: Diaper cakes are a great gift that draw a lot of attention, and really stand out as a party and gift favorite. Bring them to a mom-to-be as a practical gift (all babies use diapers) in a beautiful, eloquent and memorial way. BUT don't forget; all babies need diapers!! Leigh & Michael can make diaper cakes in a variety of ways; numbers, letters, animals, boy and girl cakes, use your imagination and we will as well. They also make great holiday gifts and 1st birthday presents.

Leigh & Michael Designs

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All items are available in either short sleeve or long sleeve shirt option. During the months of April through August all customers will automatically be sent their selections in short sleeve option, unless otherwise specified. During the months of September through March long sleeve shirts will automatically be sent unless otherwise specified. Thank You for your understanding.